I discovered my artistic talent at a very young age – even as a child in school, I won awards and my artwork was hung on the walls for display.  Although I wasn’t aware of my passion for art at the time, later I came to understand that this talent was also my life’s calling.  I am destined to create beautiful works of art.  While my passion lies mostly with ceramics, I love introducing myself to new creative challenges and working with various types of media.  The new discoveries in each work of art are endless and it is quite easy to become lost in them.

I am lucky enough to not only be able to pursue my own artistic endeavors, but to have a career in which I get to teach my passion of art to young adults.  There’s nothing more rewarding than teaching.  The majority of my time is spent in my classroom, writing lesson plans, grading artwork, and helping others grow as artist. However, I always do my best to make the time to keep developing my own talents.